Oppo F9 Pro to be launch in India Today: Here’s everything you need to know

The Chinese Tech Giant, Oppo F9 Pro is available India on August 21.
Ahead of its launch, Oppo has posted several teasers with celebrities
revealing some of the key aspects of the F9 Pro including
VOOC flash charge, waterdrop screen, and gradient color schemes etc.

Oppo F9 Pro Key Features:

1) The striking feature of the phone is the VOOC Flash Charge.
Charging the phone for 5 minutes will last your device for 2 hours.
2) Waterdrop screen, which basically means that the display will
be edge-to-edge with a notch that is shaped as a water droplet.
3) The Oppo F9 to get the latest Gorilla Glass 6 protection,
which can survive up to 15 drops from a height of up to 1 meter.
4) The primary camera comes with a f/1.9 aperture while
the secondary camera will be used for depth sensing.

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Dragon may be ruled on Google !!

There are continuously circulating reports that Google is working on a search app and a news app that will be follow the Chinese web censorship laws.
that means Google come back in china. it’s good for Google growth but not for internet freedom. if Google search engine or apps follow china censorship laws, then Google could remove all it’s references of human right records, Tibetan independence movements, suppress opposition views, and always praising china government’s decisions and the a lots, from any and all search results. if this prediction happen means we can say that Dragon defeat tech Giant Google, and also on following China government censorship laws if any other countries make an law and implemented in their nation then that country also threat Google to follow their country law’s too.

To protect against that Project Dragonfly, Thousand’s of Google employees have signed a letter criticising the company’s plan to launch a heavily censored version of its search engine in China.

In this letter, which is an internal petition, the employees asked for more transparency and oversight of Project Dragonfly.

In the letter, the employees say Google would be validating China’s restrictions on freedom of expression and violating its own clause in the company’s code of conduct, “don’t be evil”.

Google has not officially commented on the project, but following the letter, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees the project is still in early stages of development and it is still unknown if the search engine would launch at all.

Human Rights Organizations and activists expressed their worry over Google’s plans when they were shared earlier this month in US media reports.

Amnesty International called it “a dark day for the internet” if Google decided to push through its plans.

However, Google completely escaped from China in 2010 after several large-scale ( censorship- laws ) attack on company by the Chinese government.
Also Google Services, including it’s search engine, Gmail and Google drive are blocked in China.

Android pie is comming on Moto Phones

Android Pie the latest OS from Google which was previously available on Pixel phones and the Essential phone, but now is comming on Moto phones too. Motorola announced on 15-Aug-2018 that the updates will be comming in it’s phone.

Android Pie is Google’s most conscious effort to reduce notification overload and help users develop better relationships with their phones, so hopefully it’ll start rolling out to more phones soon.

What’s in Android Pie (9) ?
Simplicity, speed, and many new ways…..
1) Indoor positioning with Wi-Fi RTT
Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT)—to let you take advantage of indoor positioning in your apps.
2) Display cutout support
3) Notifications update and smart reply Android pie introduces several enhancements to notifications
4) Multi-camera support and camera updates
On devices running Android Pie, you can access streams simultaneously from two or more physical cameras
5) Security enhancements

Bad Sruff
1) Gesture navigation not as smooth as it could be
2) Some of the best features are Pixel-only
3) Android OEMs still need to get better at releasing updates

The lists of  Moto phones, it is below:

1) Moto Z3
2) Moto Z3 Play
3) Moto Z2 Force Edition
4) Moto Z2 Play
5) Moto X4
6) Moto G6 Plus
7) Moto G6
8) Moto G6 Play

Google Know Where You Are ?

If you think, google don,t know your location means you are thinking wrong. Even if you have Location History off, Still google Stored your precious location. Here’s how to delete those markers or to pause storing locations and some best-effort practices that keep your location as private as possible.

But there’s no any perfect solutions , because simply connecting to the Internet on any device flags an IP address that can be geographically mapped. Smartphones also connect to cell towers, so your carrier knows your general location at all times.

How to prevent Google to know where you 

For any devices:
Open up your browser and go to myactivity.google.com. (You’ll need to be logged into Google) On the upper left drop down menu, go to Activity Controls. Turn off both Web & App Activity and Location History. That should prevent precise location markers from being stored to your Google account.

Google will be warning you that some of its services won’t work as well with these settings off. In particular, neither the Google Assistant, a digital concierge, nor the Google Home smart speaker will be particularly useful.