Dream ….

I remember as a small child when we would have these gatherings with either family or friends. Invariably someone would come up and mention my  “cuteness” and ask. “what are you going to be when you grow up ?”

well, it started out being a cowboy or some superhero.
Later it was a fireman, policeman, lawyer. As I grow older my dreams of the future changed. when at last, I was in college, I was asked,
“what will you major in?” Another question designed to find out what I would be when I was grown up.

But then I had my heart set on becoming a preacher as my father before me. so I studied and prepared for that life.
I reached success in that endeavour. I was preaching a nearly a full-time for much of my adult life. physically disability keeps me from playing my trade full-time anymore, but I still am called upon to preach here and there. I am content that I could realize my dream and perhaps have a positive influence
on someone’s life. My kids are now reaching their dreams and it thrills me to watch them achieved their goals.

However, for many, there is a “thief”, which goes around stealing our dreams and robbing us of the necessary mental state to attain our goals.

Sometimes that thief will come as a parent, a relative, friends or a co-worker, but the greatest thief is, so many times, just ourselves.

we find ourselves just about reaching a pinnacle, and this small voice inside says, “you’ll never make it.” You can’t possibly do this.”
“Very few have ever done this successfully” And on and on the “small” voice predict some kind of the failure, Failure, though, is exactly how dreams are realized. It is one of the most important tools we have because it teaches us invaluable lessons. And when we learn these lesson well, we are poised and ready for success, which is probably just around the corner.

The message I always gave my children was, you are capable of doing anything your heart desires. You are smart enough, good-looking enough, strong enough, and worthy of reaching the stars. The human spirit is indomitable. Remember the saying. ” If you can conceive it, and your heart can believe it, you can achieve it.

There is no “overnight ” success, but with perseverance, it will come. Imagine yourself in the life
you dream of living. Then in your heart, believe it happens to you, as it has for others. then work, work, work, work. you get the picture.

So, be true to your dream, and don’t let anyone steal it from you — especially yourself. you can do anything your heart desires,
so don’t give up on. Let the dream in your life.

— Larry Harp.