Chrome Features

The features in Chrome that communicate with Google

Google Chrome uses a combined web address and search bar at the top of the browser window. As you use the Omnibox, your default search engine can suggest addresses and search queries that may be of interest to you. These suggestions make navigation and searching faster and easier, If Google is your default search engine when you select one of the Omnibox suggestions, Chrome sends your original search query, the suggestion you selected, and the position of the suggestion back to Google. This information helps improve the quality of the suggestion feature.

Network predictions
Chrome uses a prediction service to load pages more quickly. The prediction service uses navigation history and local heuristics to predict which resources and pages are likely to be needed next TCP and TLS pre-connection, and prefetching of web pages. To turn off network predictions, uncheck “Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly” in the “Privacy” section of Chrome’s settings.

Google search local
If Google is set as your default search engine, Chrome will try to determine the most appropriate local for Google search queries conducted from the Omnibox in order to give you relevant search results based on your location.

New Tab page
The Chrome New Tab page may display suggestions for websites that you might want to visit.

Tap to Search
If you’ve enabled “Tap to Search” on Chrome Mobile you can search for terms by tapping them. When you tap a word, the word, the surrounding text, and the home country of your device’s SIM card is sent to Google to identify recommended search terms

Safe Browsing protection
Google Chrome includes an optional feature called “Safe Browsing” to help protect you against phishing, social engineering, malware, unwanted software, malicious ads, intrusive ads, and abusive websites or extensions. Safe Browsing is designed specifically to protect your privacy and is also used by other popular browsers. This feature is not available on the iOS version of Chrome.

Navigation error tips
Google Chrome can show tips to help guide you to the page you were trying to reach in cases where the web address cannot be found, a connection cannot be made, the server returns a very short (under 512 byte) error message, or you’ve navigated to a parked domain.

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