Dragon may be ruled on Google !!

There are continuously circulating reports that Google is working on a search app and a news app that will be follow the Chinese web censorship laws.
that means Google come back in china. it’s good for Google growth but not for internet freedom. if Google search engine or apps follow china censorship laws, then Google could remove all it’s references of human right records, Tibetan independence movements, suppress opposition views, and always praising china government’s decisions and the a lots, from any and all search results. if this prediction happen means we can say that Dragon defeat tech Giant Google, and also on following China government censorship laws if any other countries make an law and implemented in their nation then that country also threat Google to follow their country law’s too.

To protect against that Project Dragonfly, Thousand’s of Google employees have signed a letter criticising the company’s plan to launch a heavily censored version of its search engine in China.

In this letter, which is an internal petition, the employees asked for more transparency and oversight of Project Dragonfly.

In the letter, the employees say Google would be validating China’s restrictions on freedom of expression and violating its own clause in the company’s code of conduct, “don’t be evil”.

Google has not officially commented on the project, but following the letter, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees the project is still in early stages of development and it is still unknown if the search engine would launch at all.

Human Rights Organizations and activists expressed their worry over Google’s plans when they were shared earlier this month in US media reports.

Amnesty International called it “a dark day for the internet” if Google decided to push through its plans.

However, Google completely escaped from China in 2010 after several large-scale ( censorship- laws ) attack on company by the Chinese government.
Also Google Services, including it’s search engine, Gmail and Google drive are blocked in China.

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