Android pie is comming on Moto Phones

Android Pie the latest OS from Google which was previously available on Pixel phones and the Essential phone, but now is comming on Moto phones too. Motorola announced on 15-Aug-2018 that the updates will be comming in it’s phone.

Android Pie is Google’s most conscious effort to reduce notification overload and help users develop better relationships with their phones, so hopefully it’ll start rolling out to more phones soon.

What’s in Android Pie (9) ?
Simplicity, speed, and many new ways…..
1) Indoor positioning with Wi-Fi RTT
Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT)—to let you take advantage of indoor positioning in your apps.
2) Display cutout support
3) Notifications update and smart reply Android pie introduces several enhancements to notifications
4) Multi-camera support and camera updates
On devices running Android Pie, you can access streams simultaneously from two or more physical cameras
5) Security enhancements

Bad Sruff
1) Gesture navigation not as smooth as it could be
2) Some of the best features are Pixel-only
3) Android OEMs still need to get better at releasing updates

The lists of  Moto phones, it is below:

1) Moto Z3
2) Moto Z3 Play
3) Moto Z2 Force Edition
4) Moto Z2 Play
5) Moto X4
6) Moto G6 Plus
7) Moto G6
8) Moto G6 Play

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